How many times have you walked through HomeSense or through the market and wondered if you could paint or draw something like the artists that have their work on display? If your answer is “often”, then why not venture out to a local craft store and pick up a piece of canvas and some paint and head home and put those creative juices to work! If your answer is “never”, don’t be discouraged- you can still find ways to personalize artwork in your home and you won’t have to lift a paint brush.

If you’re interested in hanging one of your own masterpieces: be adventurous! Why not check out a local painting class in Moncton?! The Art Shack, located at 102 St. George Boulevard in Moncton offers classes for everyone! Check out for more information regarding pricing, times, and types of classes offered. There are also lots of different options for “Paint Nights” around greater Moncton! Why not check one out? That being said, it also doesn’t have to be a piece of work you painted- it could be something a family member did, or a piece of artwork that had been hanging in the home of a loved one. If pottery work is directed more toward your interests, why not visit The Clay Space on Lewis St. in Moncton!? With a variety of workshops taking place, you can personalize your space with a mug, a serving dish, a plant holder! The options are endless!! Visit for information on workshops, hours of operation, and where to check out the shop!

If you’d prefer to stick to the traditional I’ll-let-someone-else-do-the-artwork-for-me scenario, that’s completely fine as well! It doesn’t mean you have to compromise your vision and what’s important to you. There are many local artists as well as companies worldwide and in our own city that can help guide you to hang a piece of artwork that’s meaningful and personal, without you having to get covered in paint or clay. A few options to personalize artwork are; expanding/blowing up a photo you (or someone you know) may have taken, putting a photo on canvas, or turning memories into a calendar or a blanket or a mug! Don’t feel obligated to buy a piece of artwork from a store because you feel like your home needs artwork- why not use it as an opportunity to invest in something a little more personal and smile every time you walk into the room! At there are a ton of options regarding how to personalize things around your house! Prices are reasonable and the possibilities of what can be custom-ordered are incredible! If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, so you can see it for yourself and in your own hands, why not venture over to Walmart and see their options as well!

Now don’t get us wrong- if you prefer a piece of work already that you’ve seen at HomeSense, Winners, Terra Verde or Wheatons (some of our personal favourites) we highly encourage you to pick it up and hang it wherever your heart desires! The options are endless to make your home your own. Regardless of what you decide, there is no wrong choice!! Happy Decorating!

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